Fitting Instructions

Hoses must be fitted with smooth, round edged clips, so they do not cut into the silicone. We would recommend a stainless steel clip.

To cut silicone hoses use a new ‘snap off’ type blade. Tighten a clip around the hose where you need to cut it, until it is just firm, and use the edge of the clip as a guide for the knife blade. When you get to the end slip off the clip and slice through the remainder with the hose resting firmly on a flat surface.

Do not use a hacksaw as this will leave a jagged edge.

Make sure you use a standard antifreeze: we understand that those with organic acid anticorrosives can damage any silicone in your engine, including o-rings, gaskets and possibly your hoses. There is a lot of discussion on the internet about OATS and silicone and it is worth a look.

Click here for SAAB 99 Series – 1981 – 1984 H Type Engine Installation Guide Silicone Cooling System Hoses

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