Straights and Elbows

Standard hoses: straight lengths, elbows and reducers
We can make matching straight 1m lengths of hose, and the standard elbows in most of the colours and finishes offered under ‘Product Options’.  The hose walls are 3-ply, and, as with the hose sets we offer, we can offer 4-ply for a little extra. If you need hoses with larger diameters (elbows, reducers and straight lengths) these may be available. Please contact us regarding these other options. If you are just after short bits of straight hose, I will provide these, but unfortunately have to add a £1 +VAT cutting fee per short length as I get left with all the little bits and am completely out of pocket with this.

Elbows – the prices quoted are for 4″ legs. We can make longer legs, but you will need to ring me for a quote.

At this stage, please ring me regarding reducers. The intention is to eventually provide a full range of straight and 90 degree reducers.

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